C#/.NET Developer


Júnior / Pleno

Allocation City

Campinas, SP, Brazil

Essential Skills

  • .NET Standard (Core / Full)
  • Multi threading and Task-Based Asynchronous Programming
  • Distributed application communication (Rest api, event driven architecture, etc)
  • Packet analyzing (e.g. WireShark,TcpDump, WinDump)
  • Experience with usage of common protocols (e.g. IP, HTTP/S, ZeroMQ, AMQP, MQTT, etc)
  • Experience with common data formats (JSON, XML, Protocol buffers, Msgpack, etc)
  • Automated tests
  • Knowledgement about profiling and debugging .net applications

Highly Desirable Skills

  • Experience with Message queues
  • Microservice understanding
  • Test driven development
  • Communication over wireless networks (Wifi, LTE, etc)
  • Understanding of application communication security
  • Linux (Basic terminal user)
  • SQL
  • Scrum
  • TFS
  • CI/CD

A Daitan tem um ambiente diversificado e todos os candidatos qualificados tecnicamente serão considerados. Assim, nossas oportunidades de emprego também se aplicam às pessoas com deficiência (PCD).

Daitan has a diverse environment and all technically qualified applicants will be considered to our selection processes. Therefore, our employment opportunities also apply to People with Disabilities (PCD).